Monday, February 19, 2018

Varnish butt rib

Did a little more varnishing today, this time on two butt ribs that have not been installed yet.  We avoided putting varnish on the spots that will be epoxied later.  Also put a varnish coat on the right wing root rib by the gas tank.  We were supporting the wing at that location previously, so couldn't varnish it earlier.  Hours 1.0

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Epoxy Varnish Right Wing, etc

We applied two coats of epoxy varnish this weekend to the right wing, and also applied a coat to a few areas on the flaps and ailerons that were previously missed.  The varnish has a very strong odor, so we wore masks when applying it.  Per the instructions, we varnished all the wood surfaces, and also coated the spars, and leading/trailing edge surfaces that will not be covered directly with fabric.  Hours: 4.0

Right wing varnished, and Michael adding some to a flap

Thursday, February 15, 2018

More Varnish Prep Work

The wing was flipped over and more light sanding/buffing was done to the exposed aluminum.  Some additional filler work was done on the last rib where nutplate rivets were installed. Hours: 1

Varnish Prep

After allowing the epoxy to dry on the balsa wood fillers on the flap and aileron brackets a light sanding was done to finish them off.  We started lightly sanding all exposed aluminum in preparation for the epoxy varnish  that will coat all parts of the inner wing for corrosion protection.  Hours: 1

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Right tank filler, and other misc work

Added and sanded 3 light coats of lightweight filler to smooth joints around the right wing's fiberglass tank.  We also added small pieces of balsa wood to fill in the gap between the metal plates that make up the aileron and flap hinges. 

Lastly, we removed the silicon plugs that were temporarily put in place to keep filler out of the holes int he right wingtip nutplates.  Hours: 4.0

Filler added at the edges of the fuel tank in the wing
Small piece of balsa added at hinges

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Wingtip and Fabric Backing Plate

Hysol Epoxy was added around the nutplates on Rib #9 that will hold the wingtip onto the wing.  Silicone plugs were pulled through the nutplates to prevent epoxy from fouling the threads.

Some final sanding of filler on the strut attach bracket fabric backing plate was also done.

Hours: 1

Epoxy added to Rib.  Notice Orange Silicone plugs

Fabric Backing Plate Filler Work

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Wingtip and Filler Work

After ordering and receiving some needed items (Nutplates and Rivets) from Aircraft Spruce, the final nutplates for mounting the fiberglass wingtips were installed.  We also did some more filler work and sanding.  Hours: 1.5

Monday, February 5, 2018

Filler Work

Added and sanded a 2nd application of filler to smooth out transitions, this time to the top side of the right wing at the trailing edge.  Hours: 1.0
Filler added at trailing edge fabric plate

More filler near one of the hinges

Filler added at false rib in back of gas tank

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Filler and wingtip, cont.

Continued work on the wingtip and adding filler to smooth out transitions on the right wing.  Drilled holes in wingtip and installed some of the nutplates.  We didn't have enough rivets of the right length, so need to order some more.  3M lightweight filler was added to close in the slots for the hinges (clear tape was placed on the trailing edge surface to cover the slots prior to adding the filler which made the job a little cleaner).  Hours: 2.5

Filler and Wingtips

Filler and wingtip work continued today.  Filler work around the fabric plates and rib-trailing edge interface was finished up.  The 1/4" gap between the Aileron and fiberglass wingtip was cut and sanded smooth and flat.  Aligned with the aileron in its neutral position, the wingtip was clamped in place and the bottom holes drilled and cleco'd.  Hours: 2.5

Filler work around Aileron Pulley Fabric Plate

Right Wingtip Cleco'd on Bottom

Friday, February 2, 2018

More Tip and Filler Work

Got the right fiberglass wing-tip trimming "close enough".  Now the Aileron has to be re-installed for the finally fitting and trimming.  The wing-tip should be aligned with the Aileron in its neutral position.  We also continued working on adding filler along the trailing edge of the wing on the bottom surface.  Areas where filler will be applied were again sanded and cleaned. Hours: 1.0

Monday, January 29, 2018

Wing Tip and filler

Today we began rough fitting of the right fiberglass wing-tip.  Much more work still to go on this as it will take quite a bit of cutting, filing, and sanding to get the wing tip to fit nicely.  We also started prepping the trailing edge surfaces for filler to smooth any rough transitions.  Areas where filler will be applied were sanded and cleaned.  Hours: 1.0

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Fabric plates installed on right wing

A few parts that we were waiting for (small nut plates) finally arrived, so we installed the rest of the fabric backing plates on the right wing.  We bent the fabric bracket for the front lift-strut bracket slightly so that it matched the profile of the ribs.  We noticed a little bit of interference with one leg of the bracket, so we filed the slot in the fabric plate slightly to eliminate the interference.

As usual, mating areas were abraded, cleaned, and then two part Hysol epoxy was applied.  Then the fabric backing plates were riveted firmly in place. Hours: 2.0

Fabric backing plate at aileron pulley location
Fabric plate at lift-strut bracket near the leading edge

Fabric plate at flap pulley location
Fabric plate for second lift-strut bracket location

Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Wing Fabric Rivet Holes Drilled

The holes for fabric rivets in the top and bottom wing rib caps were drilled with a 1/8" (#30 actually) drill.  The locations were duplicated from previous wing and are detailed  in the March 26, 2017 and April 2, 2017 Blog entries.  We also drilled 1/4" drain holes in the bottom inboard trailing edge of the wing.  Nine drain holes were drilled, each was located 1/2 inch from edge of rib cap, and 1/2 inch from front side of trailing-edge.  Hours: 3

Drain hole

Monday, January 15, 2018

Right Wing Gussets and Fabric Plates

This weekend we made some good progress on fabric backing plates and gussets for the right wing.  There is a fabric plate at each point where a cable exits the wing to control the flap or aileron, and additional plates are located at the lift-strut attach brackets.  The fabric backing plates were trimmed carefully around the cable exit points and deburred, then they were clamped in place temporarily while we drilled holes for the rivets.  We used a hole-locating tool (which we had previously made when working on the left wing) to match the hole in the fabric plate to the holes that were already drilled in the lift-strut brackets.  Additional holes were drilled for nut plates that will be used to fasten cover plates on the bottom side of the wing.  All holes were deburred and the ones that require flush-mount rivets were dimpled.  Unfortunately, we didn't have enough nut plates so couldn't finish up the two fabric plates that needed them.  We ordered some more from Aircraft Spruce and will finish those up when they arrive.  We will epoxy all fabric plates on the top-side of the wing once those are completed.

Three fabric backing plates

Fabric plate for lift-strut at leading edge

While we had the wing oriented upside right, we  installed the fabric plate for the upper aileron hinge point. Since no nut-plates are needed for that fabric plate, we went ahead and attached those permanently (Using Hysol epoxy and small alum. rivets). 

Fabric plate for Aileron
We installed small wood gussets for the right wing.  We turned the wing onto the leading edge and clamped it vertically so that the gussets would not move while the epoxy was curing.  Surfaces were cleaned, then these gussets simply epoxied in place.  After the epoxy had cured 30 minutes, the fillets were smoothed with a wet finger.  Hours: 5.0
Wing tipped up vertically and clamped in place

Two gussets epoxied in place